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Muscle Relaxing Injections (Botulinum toxin)


What is Muscle Relaxing Injections (Botulinum toxin) ?

This refers to a purified protein which when injected into muscle causes it to relax.

What areas can be treated?

For cosmetic purposes, it is most commonly used on the face and neck. The areas include the forehead wrinkles, frown lines between the eyes, crows feet or laughter lines, neck bands.

How is it performed?

Very small amounts of the relaxant are injected into the muscles concerned using very fine needles.

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How long does the procedure take?

It takes only a few minutes. So it is done as an out patient procedure

How long does the effect last?

The effect wears off slowly after three to four months. However with repeated treatments this period extends and can last up to 6 months so that you may need it only twice a year