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Chemical Peels


What is a chemical peel?

This refers to the use of various chemicals to peel or remove dead skin cells to give a firmer, clearer and more youthful appearance.

Who needs a peel?

Most adults could do with a peel from time to time. It can be used in various skin conditions including acne, uneven skin texture, brown spots, hyperpigmentation, fine wrinkling, other effects of sun exposure like solar keratosis, melasma.


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Where can it be used?

It can be used anywhere on the skin but most commonly it is used on the face, hands, neck and upper central chest.

What can I expect after the peel?

There is a mild burning sensation and mild swelling on applying the peel. After a few days the skin begins to peel and continues over several days. After this you will notice an improved or more youthful complexion.