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Prominent Ear Correction

Bat ears, pinnaplasty, otoplasty

What is prominent ear correction?

Prominent ear correction is what is commonly referred to as pinning the ears back for children and adults who feel that their ears are too prominent and point outwards.

Who normally requests prominent ear correction?

Most patients are children who become bullied or teased at school by their friends because of the shape and the size of their ears. Others are adults who do not like the appearance and would like them set back.


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At what age can you do prominent ear correction?

Usually when the cartilage is firm enough at about five or six years of age, and the child can understand and appreciate what the operation entails. Children are more likely to understand and appreciate this if they become self-conscious about their appearance. Usually this occurs after the age of five or six years for most children. Adults can have ear correction at any age.

What kind of anaesthetic is used?

Usually general anaesthetic for children. For adults it can also be performed under local anaesthetic.

How long is the operation?

Usually about an hour to one and a half hours

How is it performed?

A small piece of skin is taken out from the back of the ear. Through this the cartilage is exposed, some scratches are made on the cartilage to fold it in the desired direction and is held in place with stitches. Following the operation special kinds of dressings are applied to hold the ears and the contours of the ears in place. This is usually kept on for seven to ten days.