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Breast Uplift:

A breast uplift procedure, also known as a mastopexy, is a form of cosmetic surgery designed to improve the firmness and fullness of the breasts by removing excess skin.


After losing weight, raising children, or undergoing breast reconstructive surgery, you have every reason to be proud of your body. Yet many women struggle to feel confident with the sagging skin and “droopy” shape which they are left with after these challenges.   


Equally, breast uplifts can be performed to correct congenital asymmetry of breast size or nipple positioning. Whether your self-consciousness is a new development or something you were born with, mastopexy could be the key to feeling truly happy in your own skin.

About Us

At Austingraces, we understand that if you want to get your confidence back, you must feel confident in your surgeon.


That’s why we offer free second consultations to all of our patients. We like to make sure that every question is asked, and all of your worries are alleviated before you undergo surgery with us.  For your convenience, your consultations and treatment can be performed at any of our clinics, which are based in Brentwood, Chelmsford, and London.


Our surgeon is BAPRAS accredited, GMC-registered, and has specialised in plastic surgery, reconstructive work, and hand operations for nearly 20 years. With Austingraces, your surgery is in safe hands.


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Did you know?

If the volume of breast tissue is relatively small, then mastopexy alone may not provide the results you are looking for. In this case, mastopexy can be combined with a breast augmentation to achieve improved volume and fullness.


How Does It Work?

The mastopexy procedure works by removing surplus skin to lift the breast up, whilst leaving the breast tissue intact. The breast tissue itself can be remoulded using stitches to provide you with a better shape and fuller appearance. The nipple can also be moved to a higher and more aesthetically pleasing position to complete the process.

What Kind Of Anaesthetic Will Be Used?

This kind of operation is usually performed under general anaesthetic.

How Long Does The Operation Take?

From one to two hours.

Where Will My Scars Be?

Depending on what you have planned with our surgeon, breast lift scars can be located in a number of positions. One option is a vertical scar incision which leaves a circular scar around the areola, and a vertical line to the base of the breast. Another is an inverted ‘T’ incision, which leaves a scar around the nipple, a vertical scar extending downwards, and a horizontal or transverse scar at the base of the breast. Alternatively, a more subtle circum areola incision is possible, leaving just a small scar around the nipple.