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Labial Reduction Surgery

What is labial reduction?

This is an operation to reduce the size of protruding inner lips of the vagina (labia minora) to make them more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for patients.

Who requests labial reduction surgery?

This surgery is usually requested by women who have particularly long inner lips of the vagina that protrude. They can find it embarrassing as it can show sometimes through the underwear. It can also be uncomfortable and lead to sexual dissatisfaction.


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What kind of anaesthetic is used?

This is usually performed under general anaesthetic. It can also be performed under local anaesthetic.

How long is the operation?

Usually about an hour.

How is it performed?

The incisions are usually marked and the excess part of the labia minora that protrudes is trimmed or a 'V' wedge of tissue is excised. When this is closed it has the effect of reducing the protrusion.

Absorbable stitches are usually used to close the wound.

How long is the hospital stay?

This is usually performed as a day case.

How long should I stay off work?

Usually about a week.