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Calf Augmentation

Calf Enlargement

What is calf augmentation

This refers to enlargement of the calves which is the back of the lower legs

Who requests for a calf augmentation?

Some people are born with calves of unequal size and may want this corrected. Others are embarrassed about the smallness or lack of definition of their calf muscles. These are usually men who may feel that their masculinity is brought into question.


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What is used to make them bigger or more prominent?

Specially made implants are used to increase the size and make them more prominent

How is it performed?

Through a small cut at the back of the knees, the skin of the calves is lifted up sometimes with the aid of an endoscope (a special instrument with a small camera). The implants are then inserted. Absorbable stitches are then used to close the wound

How long is the hospital stay?

Usually an overnight stay will suffice