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Surgery For Seniors?

Mar 01, 2015


In the news this week, an 89 year old grandmother from Nottingham felt that her face no longer matched how she felt inside, so she went ahead with  a £12,000 procedure that consisted of a facelift, dermabrasion and fat injections into her cheeks to plump them up.

Like many older woman, Elizabeth Moore said she always felt a lot younger than her year. So when the retired university lecturer felt that her wrinkles were becoming too much for her, she decided to look into cosmetic surgery. 

What makes Elizabeth’s story so extraordinary is that she underwent the gruelling op at the age of 80 in an effort to look a sprightly 70 again.

Elizabeth is just one of a growing trend of older women going under the knife. In a recent survey, 60 per cent of surgeons reported a marked increase in over-65s seeking an image overhaul. Thanks to increasing life expectancy, late retirement and generous pensions, the wartime and baby-boomer generations are no longer accepting that getting older means giving up on their appearance.

Elizabeth, from Nottingham, who has been married to retired headteacher David, 86, for almost 60 years and has one daughter, Katie, 56, says she doesn’t regret her decision for a moment. She said "I wanted to look the very best I could, and now I feel I do. I look in the mirror and feel much more confident about what I see. I no longer look tired and miserable, which I did previously because my cheeks were sunken and I had deep lines near my mouth. I now look rested and well."

Age may give the impression to society that woman of this age are frail and over the hill, but they do not feel that way inside and want to be treated in a more youthful way by the world at large. Ladies in there  later years are regularly colouring their hair to cover grey, wearing more make up and dressing younger than ever, so undergoing cosmetic surgery seems like the next logical step. 

Not everyone in Elizabeth’s life approved of her decision and she faced opposition from her daughter, who was far less enthusiastic — as were the few friends she decided to tell.

My daughter Katie was anxious about the health risks. She was worried about me being under anaesthetic for so long, and she’d researched possible complications from facelifts, so she knew there was a chance my face could be paralysed or I could even be brain-damaged,’ she says.

When it comes to surgery on the older patient, what’s most important isn’t the chronological age of the patient, but the physiological one. If they are healthy, the risks of bleeding or problems with healing are low. Elderly skin is often thinner, so it requires more care and wouldn't be stretched as tight as younger skin. But there’s no reason an older woman can’t get a good result. The type of anaesthesia used is now much safer, too.

Another older lady who's been accused of looking "old and tired" in the news this week, is non other than our very own Queen Elizabeth.  At a very respectable 89 years young, her most recent effigy for the new coin print was accused of giving her a "turkey neck". Making no allowances for Her Majesty's age, consultants say her image on new coins is far from flattering.

John Ryan, chairman of MYA, says the portrait shows the signs of ageing on our Monarch.  But at less than a month away from her 89th birthday should she be considering going under the knife? 

Mr Ryan said: "We must admit The Queen does look amazing for her age, however, there are always procedures that can give the result of looking younger while still staying true to your natural features. The Queen could benefit from to regain some facial rejuvenation. Blepharoplasty - eye bag removal - to the lower eyes would give her eyes a less tired and more youthful appearance. The Queen could also benefit from a neck lift."

Whatever your age, facial surgery can enliven your looks and add firmness to your skin, projecting a more youthful appearance. At Austingraces we take the time to get to know our patients and to understand their needs.  You can contact us on 08456 020621 or click here to contact us by email.


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