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Would You Give The Gift Of Youth This Valentines Day?

Feb 10, 2015



Love is in the air once again as we eagerly await the outpouring of sentiment that comes on the 14th of the month. Valentines Day has traditionally always been a time for the men in our lives to shower us ladies with flowers, chocolates and if we are really lucky, romantic meals out or even a nice bit of bling. But what happens after the event?  The card gets tucked away in a drawer, the chocs get scoffed and the jewellery gets displayed then slowly tarnished.

In the true spirit of our modern day, celeb obessessed culture, there appears to be a growing trend for surpising your loved one with cosmetic treatements - because everbody know the lady loves smoother skin, fuller lips or in some cases, bigger boobs! In fact, so popular is the gift of getting gorgeous, that over 75% of women have agreed that they would like to receive some form of treatment or cosmetic surgery as a gift, according to research.

Dermal fillers, such as Botox seem to be top of the wish list, with Botox and tooth whitening following close behind. But there is still a percentage who would absolutely adore the gift of a breast enlargement, a tummy tuck or even liposuction. 

There are others, of course, who would argue that perhaps presenting your loved one with a gift card to change they way they look might be taken in a somewhat offensive manner.  Is it really that far removed from asking someone to loose a few pounds, or put some make up on?  

Well. enough woman seem to think that it wouldbe a great gift.  According to an article in The Daily Mail, men have even been scouring the net for advice, with one cosmetic surgery and treatment review website seeing a rise in enquiries from loved-up men seeking advice on whether they should respond to their partners' anti-ageing concerns.

New research reveals the number one question from men was: 'Which aesthetic treatments can I give as a Valentine’s Day gift without offending her?'.

Speaking about the results, a spokesperson for Good Surgeon Guide, who carried out the study, said: 'While our general opinion is that gifting cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatments is not good idea, it cannot erase the fact that people still feel compelled to give and receive them.

'We recommend that men who choose to give cosmetic treatments for Valentine's must understand how the gift may make their partner feel, especially if it's a surprise.

'If at all possible, it's best to speak with their partner about the treatment and make sure it is something they want.'

If you are thinking of dropping some hints about what you would like for Valentines day this year, or a birthday, anniversary or any other special event, why not have a look at the list of treatments and procedures Austingraces offer.  Our surgeon has many years experience within the cosmetic surgery industry and we can offer you well informed and sensitive advice during our initial consulations.  No matter how nice it may seem to have someone buy you new boobs, surgery is a massive step and as the patient, only you can make decisions about your treatment. That's why we want all out patients to be comfortable with both their surgeon and the procedure they are undertaking.  Call us on 08456 020621 or click here to contact us by email. 



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