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How To Avoid Piling On The Pounds Over Christmas

Dec 16, 2014

Did you know that the average woman gains around 5lb over the festive period alone!  Eek!  That's almost enough to put us off our mince pies.  But there are ways to try and limit the amount of extra calories you cosume over Christmas, which should allow you to face the New Year in good stead. 

We've compiled a brief list of hints and tips to help you hold back when all that food is put in front of you.

1. Be Prepared

You know that a big Christmas dinner is on its way, whether you are cooking it yourself or eating out or with friends or family.  If you know there will be a lot of food put in front of you, you can find ways to not turn up starving hungry and completely over do it.  A great way to limit overeating is to add 100-150g of a really high fibre cereal like All Bran to your regular meals (some people like to sprinkle it on salads for a crouton effect, or you can just have it with milk for an extra course) for two days before the overeating starts. This tyoe of meal bootser allows you to gain control of your fullness. Therefore, you won’t be hungry when you sit down, meaning you can enjoy a couple of days of rich food but you’ll automatically want to eat far less.

2. Avoid The Snacks

Every festive meal has some high calorie things that we don't particularly like, but we eat anyway because they are traditional and on our plates. By not starting on the snacks like crisps and dips put out to tempt us, or by avoiding mince pies, you avoid revving up metabolic hunger signals undecessarily. 

By not looking at, smelling and especially tasting even a single bite of the mundane items — my list here would include crisps and other non-special starters and snacks, any Christmas cake that is not homemade, and mince pies unless they come from Marks & Spencer or your mum — you avoid revving up metabolic hunger signals unnecessarily.

The trick is, not to get started. By avoiding the first bite, you prevent the metabolic signals of hunger, that rev up when you put food in your mouth, giving you an appetite for something bigger. It is the easiest way to cut excess calories — and poundage — in half.

As for work parties and other events where food is served - make sure you eat before you go - have something satisfying.  When you get there be aware of how much alcohol you are consuming, as alcohol is also loaded with empty calories and is a huge factor in festive weight gain

3. Micro Manage Your Table

This might sound a bit over the top and obsessive, but it can work.  Look around, see who you are sitting next to. So as you take your seat at the Christmas table, bear in mind that short, skinny neighbours will serve themselves smaller portions and tempt you to eat less than tall overweight or athletic ones.

If you can’t choose to sit next to somebody who only weighs eight stone, keep the high-calorie foods and alcohol moving down the table, making sure that none of it ends up within reach. 

If you’ve ever found yourself sitting near to a bowl of crisps and unable to ignore them you’re not alone. Numerous studies have shown that how close you are to food determines how much you load on your plate, so even simple steps like this can be a big help.

4. Take Back Control On Boxing Day

Yes we all know that once you've eaten a huge meal and your metabolic levels have risen, you will probably really fancy another big meal the next day.  The best way to deal with this is to nip negative cycles in the bud straight away. 

As early as boxing day, cut out high-calorie treats and fill up with high-fibre cereals, bean dishes and low carb foods.  

5. Throw Out Anything Naughty

As much as it feel its not very polite to your guests, one of the key ways to avoid extra inches on your hips is to throw out any food that is potentially naughty.  So do yourself a favour and, unless the food is something healthy like a fresh, fragrant loaf of homemade wholemeal bread, be willing to consign it to the rubbish (or pass it on to someone else) and pat yourself on the back for being tough. 

In the toxic food environment we live in, controlling your weight takes real effort and the more you can take control of food in the immediate space around you, the easier it will be.

At Austingraces we offer cosmetic surgery to help change the way you look, or alleviate painful conditions.  But there is so much more to cosmetic surgery than just the obvious  options.  Keeping your weight healthy and taking regular excercise is an important part of living a longer, happier life.  If you would like to speak to us about cosmetic surgery options that may be suitable for you, you can call us on 08456 020621.

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