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Gynecomastia - Keeping Abreast Of A Mans Breasts

Nov 18, 2014

Gynecomastia (that's the correct medical term for the affliction) is described as an enlargement of the man's breast tissue resulting in swelling that gives the chest a more typically feminine aspect


In the vast majority of cases, gynecomastia is not a serious problem, but it may be psychologically difficult to cope with. As well as feeling self-concious and causing potential embarrassment, some men and boys may also experience some pain and discomfort in their breasts.


Contrary to popular belief, Gynecomastia is not just caused by extra fat from being overweight. It is caused by extra breast tissue deposits, usually as the result of health issues such as a hormone imbalance, or the decrease in the production of testosterone in older men. Other factors such as drug or alcohol abuse, thyroid related problems or certain medications can also lead to an increased swelling in the breast tissue.


So how do you know if you are suffering from Gynecomastia? Well, the most obvious signs will be the ones you can see on your chest. But, apart from swelling, the glands may become tender and painful, the diameter of the pigmented skin around the nipple increases (the areola) or the chest tissue may become asymmetrical. You should of course, consult your doctor if the pain becomes very bad, or if there is discharge coming from the nipple.


Many males who develop gynecomastia find that it goes away on its own, or by treating a hormone imbalance or changing medication. But if your case does not resolve on its own there are surgical options to take away the swelling.


At Austin Graces we offer Breast Reduction Surgery for the reduction of the male breast area. We understand that this can be a delicate decision for your to seek surgery and we wholeheartedly believe that if you want to get your confidence back, you must feel confident in your surgeon and the procedure.


We take the time to talk openly with you and even offer a free second consultation prior to any surgery. We like to make sure that every question is asked, and all of your worries are alleviated before you undergo surgery with us. For your convenience, your consultations and treatment can be performed at any of our clinics, which are based in Brentwood, Chelmsford, and London.


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