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Weight loss surgery – the 21st Century increase

Sep 09, 2014

Weight loss surgery has been on the rise for the past eight years, with a predicted two million people in England being classed as eligible for weight loss surgery. With such a high figure for those being seen as eligible for this surgery and only 8,000 people a year receiving such treatment, what is the reasoning behind the significant gap?


Through becoming overweight, or by having excess skin after dieting, weight loss surgery haWeight Loss s become the answer to millions of individuals’ body issues. Many wrongly interpret surgery as an easy route to weight loss, but any weight loss surgery requires dedication beforehand and afterwards in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


An estimated rise of 530% in gastric bypass surgical procedures, in the past six years, indicates the nations fight with obesity is not under control, and the subsequent demand for weight loss surgery will only continue. Those needing
it most are, however, struggling to make the lifestyle improvements required before having surgery, meaning the difference between eligibility and operations performed remains vast.


Through surveying 22 post-weight loss surgery women, 17 of them revealed their quality of life improved significantly, providing clear evidence that for many this is the answer to providing a better lifestyle. And for the five that didn’t believe this was the case, they, unfortunately, encountered some post-surgery issues, but none of which made them regret their decision for the operation. Risks of common infections are also minimal with only 5% chance of infection after a gastric bypass, showing the potential benefits outweigh the risks.


In another of our news posts, we referred to issues of excess skin experienced by many post weight loss patients and the options available. For more information click here or visit our body contouring page here.


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