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Battle to looking younger continues but why choose a facelift?

Sep 29, 2014

But as vanity prevails, and personal appearance becomes an important factor for all age groups, the desire to maintain a younger look has never been more prevalent.

Rhytidectomy (surgical term for a facelift) has most recently been ranked as the third most popular surgical procedure in the UK, with 6,380 operations carried out in 2013, up 13% on the previous year. Usually, a facelift is focused around the lower half of the face, particularly the jaw line and neck, facelifts are not supposed tFacelift o look noticeable other than providing the patient with a younger looking face.  The smoother appearance helps the patient age at a slower pace whilst conserving a fresh, less tired image for a number of years.

However, with most cosmetic surgery a proportion of society remain sceptical about the facelift procedure as a whole or more specifically, associated post-operative pain. Yet, as medical research improves over years, so do the options. Celebrex for example, a cox-2 blocker, which may help reduce pain and opioid after rhytidectomy surgery, has been shown by some authors to be effective in reducing post operative pain. There are other forms of analgesia which are also effective and in more common use. Such information has produced medically assured proof to increase confidence in those potential facelift patients concerned with the post-operative pain.

As higher percentages of the population want to remain younger looking for longer, the demand for facelifts continues to rise, and our surgeon at Austingraces, Mr Fortune Iwuagwu can provide this service. With over sixteen years’ experience of cosmetic surgery, you can have our full reassurance that you will be in safe hands.

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