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Broken Glass - surface cuts, lacerations and even severed limbs!

Aug 27, 2014

Injuries caused by broken glass often occur quite accidentally, and the levels of injury can vary significantly, and, therefore, the surgery required could be anything from a few stitches to the amputation of a limb.


One of the most common causes of glass related injuries involves drinking glasses and glass bottles inside home. Young children are often susceptible to falling through low-level glass windows and dooGlass Injuryrs or glass topped coffee or side tables. Each year glass-tables account for 20,000 serious injuries resulting in hospital visits for young children. Car accidents where drivers and passengers are thrown from a vehicle through the windscreen or where side-windows have shattered are also still causes for concern, even with the introduction of airbags.


Despite government intervention, an increase in glass related incidents has occurred with 80,000 glass and bottle attacks in the UK per year alone. Accounting for 4% of all violent crimes, it’s become a serious issue with the use of glass as a weapon both in domestic violence cases and within late night bars and clubs, where alcohol is also linked to both situations.


With glass bottles and glasses being recognised as the most common weapon used in violent crimes in the UK, petitions have been made nationally to replace them with the likes of PET bottles and polycarbonate glasses – specifically in towns and city centres. Targeting those areas with higher levels of violence where bars and clubs are closely situated is underway by Wrexham MP, Ian Lucas who introduced his Plastic Glasses and Bottles motion two years ago. Some advances are being made such as that in Hull, where after banning the sale of alcohol in glass in 2008; serious injuries fell by 52%.  


Similarly, industry standards have changed over the type of glass used in and around the home including furniture such as glass topped tables. The use of tempered glass, which is much stronger than ordinary glass and breaks into smaller fragments with duller edges, has shown to reduce the number of these injuries.


At Austingraces, Mr Iwuagwu has extensive experience with facial and hand surgery, including reconstruction after such injuries have occurred. Not only is Mr Iwuagwu involved in the emergency treatments that take place immediately after a glass injury has occurred, his expertise in intricate procedures of the hand and face, and particularly in the reduction of the appearance of scars, has helped many patients recover from the effects of a glass related incident in the long term.


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