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Liposuction is the Fastest Growing Cosmetic Surgery, amongst both Men and Women

Jun 03, 2014

Thinking about liposuction? You are not alone, or anywhere near it, at least according to figures from a recent BAAPs (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) audit*. 2013 saw a 41% rise in the number of liposuction procedures compared to 2012, with 4326 people in the UK choosing surgical intervention to help improve their body contouring.

In fact liposuction was the biggest growing cosmetic procedure in the UK in the last year, with a 43% rise on 2012 in women ahead of a 19% rise in rhinoplasty (nose shaping surgery), and a 28% rise in liposuction procedures amongst men in 2013, with 554 men in total undergoing liposuction procedures in the last year.


Why is liposuction so popular?

Liposuction is an effective body contouring solution that provides excellent results for the majority of patients, in which the surgeon sculpts the area by breaking down fat and sucking it out of the body. However it should not be forgotten that liposuction is an invasive procedure which causes some discomfort and swelling in the short term and the possibility of a short absence from work. Call Austingraces on 08456 020621 or click here for more information about liposuction.


What should I know about liposuction?

A number of myths have built up around liposuction, and the best way to find out about if it is the right procedure for you is to book a consultation with our highly experienced Austingraces surgeon Mr Fortune Iwuagwu, who will talk you through every aspect of the surgery, including any potential risks. However here are some of the most popular myths we face at Austingraces, which should be considered by any person considering liposuction;


Weight loss – liposuction is not a procedure intended for weight loss, rather the aim is to break down and remove areas of fat you have been unable to shift by losing weight


Remove cellulite – Liposuction will not remove cellulite


You can be in and out in a day – liposuction is not a quick fix, most patients will require an overnight stay and a week to ten days off work unless it is a very small area.


As it is usually a purely cosmetic procedure liposuction is not generally available on the NHS. However liposuction can also be used as a reconstructive surgery to treat some conditions such as lymphoedema, lipodystrophy syndrome or lipoma. 


Are you interested in liposuction? Call Austingraces today on 08456 020621 to book a consultation.

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